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H and J are official distributors of Omron industrial control components and automation products, which include relays, timers, counters, proximity and photo electric switches, limit and micro switches, temperature and level controllers, protection devices, contactors, overloads, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and programmable terminals (HMI). Please select the product category of your interest by clicking the appropriate button. As a result, product groups appear from which you can make a further selection. You are now presented with products. When you select one product, a picture is shown and its features.

Control Systems
The Omron C Series is a true family of Programmable Controllers which share a consistent delivery of innovation and high functionality to a wide scope of applications, this is combined with a design philosophy allowing for ease of use and integration. From micro controllers with the option for built-in Bus masters, to high functionality machine controllers, through to fully modular high-end performance systems with co-processing special I/O. The C Series provides comprehensive application power and flexibility whilst ensuring that this flexibility is extended to the areas of Information, Control and Device level networking.

Control Systems

Operator Interfaces

Display and Meters


Advanced Sensors

Photo Elec. Sensors

Other Sensors

Proximity Switches

Temperature Controllers





Power Supplies

Low Voltage Switch Gear


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